Pakola Jelly

If you like your jelly to be jiggly and flavorful, then this is just for you! Spread joy to your next meal.

Doodh Soda

Beat the heat! An ultra-quenching drink that satisfies a day-long thirst. Everyone’s favourite during Ramadan and Eid.

Raspberry Mocktail

You’ll fall in love with this delicious Raspberry Mocktail Recipe specially designs for the hot summer months!

Strawberry Refresher

The easiest way to incorporate fruit into your diet? By adding them in your water! Drink good, feel good!

Fresh Lime Shikanjabeen

How about putting an extra twist to the classic Shikanjabeen? Try it out with our Fresh Lime twist!

Pakola Tart

You’ll have to watch to see the perfect blend! Delicious and a quick desert tart explosives.

Pakola Barfi

Add a traditional touch to your iftar tables with delicious Pakola Barfi! This instant recipe will satisfy all your sweet cravings.

Zafrani Milk

Pakola brings you the perfect beverage for Eid. Enjoy a nutritious and traditional treat with Pakola Zafrani Milk!

Fresh lime

Nothing refreshes like chilled Pakola Lime in Ramadan.

Pakola Custard

Custard lovers, we’re looking at you! Sink your teeth into this decadent masterpiece for a heavenly dessert.

Lemon Slush

No need to run out to get your favourite Slush… you can make a delicious glass of this slush at home, Yum!!

Ice Lollies

If you are looking for cool options to beat the heat, Follow the steps and enjoy!